Relationship-Driven Growth

Leverage your organizational collective network to fuel scalable (and repeatable) business growth.

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The New Way

A new approach to battling churn and unlocking new opportunities

Intail AI's helps dealmakers find new market opportunities by harvesting their organizational collective network and focusing on their most meaningful relationships.

Just look at the numbers


of deals start with a refferal


Past buyers are 3X more likely to buy again


of your relationships do not exist in your CRM

Build a Relationship-Led GTM Strategy
with Intail AI's Relationship Engine


Automatically sync contacts and activities
and tap into your collective network


Harness client relationship intelligence and discover the fastest path to prospects


Grow and protect your companie's most valuable asset - your relationships

Real relationships
Not Random Contacts

From companies to people, a new revenue paradigm. Our relationship engine provide built-in prioritisation by automatically analyzing your collective network and finding areas that needs focus.

Run scalable and repeatable processes, driven by your collective organizational network.

How can Intail AI help me

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"Intail AI has transformed our relationship-based motions, allowing our Sales and CS teams to prioritize effectively. This enhancement has significantly boosted our efficiency and results."

Or Stokelman

"In today's challenging outbound landscape, leveraging existing relationships through Intail AI has proven to be far more effective. It's a game-changer for our sales strategy."

Nitin Saghal
Head of Global Sales

"Intail AI empowers our CS team by mapping and analyzing relationships on top-tier accounts. This insight helps us prevent churn and identify upsell and expansion opportunities effortlessly."

Brendan Cahoon
Head of Customer Success

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Alyosha Makarov
Head of Global Sales

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